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A collaborative system to share skills using time as currency.


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Many young and not so young, we have the big problem that we don't have the chance to show what we can do, and we are a generation thatwith a lot of skills, we can do many things but in a personal capacity . Such knowledge does not give us access to a job, Comunitats helps you to share this skills and that makes you feel great. You knowhow, you do it, and here you can do this. That's very positive and I think is what I value most. Ire Gon, Psychologist

Comunitats solves one of the major obstacles functionality in a time bank, allowing to exchange time and services to any user without the need for direct barter. Daniel Martín, Entrepreneur

Comunitats can be the virtual meeting place for entrepreneurs in the region, a place to leverage the knowledge and individual experience for the collective intelligence
As strengths, offers the possibility to meet new entrepreneurs who are hard to reach through traditional channels and helps provide the map of knowledge and needs of the group. Montse Torices, Chief Area Entrepreneurs

A Time Bank helps students to grow personally, giving them the chance to know themselves and their peers, improving their social skills, their self-esteem, teaching them to seek help, as the main value of the time bank are the individuals who compose it. Joaquín Díez; Professor of Technology from la Salle