Learn & Teach everything you want using your time as currency

Time banking: combining Knowledge and Time to empower people.Achive time credits helping others and use them to solve your needs.

Done collaborations890 - Exchanged hours :1530

What can you do inside Comunitats?

Convert your time in a mean to pay for sharing!

Earn time and reputation giving other people what you know!

Find and talk with other experts to solve your skills requests

Find people willing to give time for your ideas and projects!

Things you can do

If you are part of a group, village or organization and you want to create a Timebank, click here for more info.


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Ongoing projects

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What is a timebank?

Timebanks are a booming collaboration system that facilitates the creation of skill sharing community that uses a coin we all have: Time. To make money (time) you just have to support others.If you teach Martha to make a blog for an hour, Marta will make you a transfer time of 60 minutes you can use to ask for helpto another member when you want.

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